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Best Commercial Lighting Supply In Salem, Oregon, Wholesale And Retail

Commercial Lighting Supplies

Wholesale & Retail. Discover our comprehensive stock of fixtures and bulbs for commercial applications; incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED. Learn more →

Onsite Maintenance Program

Our Onsite Maintenance Program is one of the best values in commercial lighting. No upfront costs and regular professional upkeep on your facility’s lighting. Learn more →

LED Conversions & Retrofits

Significantly reduce your electricity costs! Convert your facility over to full-spectrum, green, energy-efficient LED lighting. Learn more →

Wholesale And Retail Lighting Supplies in Salem, Oregon

Whether you require a bulb or lighting fixture for your home, office, or commercial facility, we’ve got you covered! We offer a full selection of products, both retail and wholesale. We have a comprehensive range of fixtures and bulbs of all types. whether you need incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, or LED lighting.

Incandescent Light Bulb Supply in Salem, Oregon
LED Light Bulb Supply in Salem, Oregon
LED Lighting Element
Fluorescent Light Bulb Supply in Salem, Oregon
Fluorescent Tube Supply in Salem, Oregon
Track Lighting Supply in Salem, Oregon
Picture of Incandescent, Fluorescent, halogen, and LED light bulbs

Onsite Maintenance Program - Commercial Lighting Service

Our onsite maintenance program is unbeatable! Whether you have a professional office or other commercial facilities, you’ll save precious time and resources.

It’s also dead simple! Here are the details in a nutshell.

  • No contracts or upfront costs!
  • At no charge, we’ll visit your building(s) every month and inspect all your lighting fixtures and bulbs.
  • We’ll never disturb your customers or clientele. We can conduct our inspection during, or after, business hours.
  • If any bulb replacements or fixture maintenance is required, we’ll take care of it immediately and submit an invoice.
  • If no maintenance or bulb replacements are required, there’s no charge!
  • Convenient and affordable!
  • Ask us about our onsite building maintenance service too!
Onsite Lighting Maintenance Salem Oregon
Fluorescent Ballast Replacement Salem Oregon
Exterior Lighting Repair Process in Salem OR

LED Conversions & Retrofits

There’s nothing quite like the revolution LED has brought to us. Not only is it a green technology, but it also saves you money. In many cases, a lot of it! 

Most light bulbs in a residential setting may only be used 2-3 hours per day. Typically, there are many more bulbs in a commercial setting, but almost all of them are on during business hours. That’s usually ten hours minimum. Under these conditions, the savings offered by LED bulbs can add up fast!

Here’s a quick usage example. Let’s say you use a bulb for eight hours a day and paid the national average of 11.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. A 12-watt LED bulb will run about $4 annually. Comparable CFLs consuming approximately 14 watts come in at $4.68 per year. A comparable 60-watt Incandescent bulb racks up a whopping $20 annually!

On top of that, LED bulbs produce full-spectrum light, which means it’s similar to natural daylight. Therefore, it can help improve mood and motivation and thus increase productivity.

Let’s explore the advantages and savings of converting/retrofitting your facility over to LED today!

Parking Lot Light LED Conversion at a Salem Oregon Business
Fluorescent LED Retrofit Tubes Used For Salem and Portland Businesses
Parking Lot Light LED Conversion at a Salem Oregon Business


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