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Dave Gregory started the company in 1987. It was initially called American Fluorescent, Inc. Before that Dave worked for another lighting company, which fueled his interest in the industry and starting his own business. In the process of building the business, Dave hired a bookkeeper named Roxy. Even though the business is now under new ownership Roxy is still with the company.

In 2016 Dave changed the name of the business to American Lighting Supply to increase the scope of customers he could serve. In 2017 he decided to retire and sold the business to Jeff Burlingame.

Jeff loved everything about the business including the knowledgeable, experienced staff and the superior quality product lines, especially the LED technology. He saw the vast potential of helping local businesses improve their working environments while saving money on their energy bills.

The other significant change Jeff made was to offer the new Onsite Maintenance Program. This program empowers business owners to save time and money on the upkeep of their facilities, both with bulbs, fixtures, and light building maintenance.

Management Team

Jeff Burlingame - Owner of American Lighting Supply in Salem Oregon

Jeff Burlingame


Jeff caught the entrepreneurial bug early in life. His father was part of corporate America, working for companies like General Electric and the Denver Post. While they had financial stability, Jeff observed they had little control over their lives, especially when it came to where they lived and when it would be required for them to move yet again.

As a young adult of 15, Jeff determined that would not be the case for himself and his family. He was destined to be an entrepreneur. It’s interesting to note, at that time it was much less common to own your own business. Working for someone else was considered the best choice for stability, and starting your own business was risky. This did not deter Jeff!

His first job was working for a local small business in Burlington, Iowa. It was a Flight Based Operations (FBO) company responsible for the fueling and maintenance of small aircraft. There he learned the daily operation and responsibilities of running a business.

Once he was ready to take the plunge, he determined the best strategy was to own three businesses. This strategy would provide optimum strength, stability, and cash flow.

However, once that was achieved he discovered he loved the business-building process and wanted more. Now he enjoys the process of identifying and acquiring local small businesses with massive potential and turning it into a massive success. In the process, more local jobs are created, and the local economy enjoys a boost.

During this adventure, Jeff met his lovely wife Danell, who he married in 2000. Her background was in banking, customer service, and fitness. Danell soon caught the entrepreneurial bug, being attracted to the freedom of controlling her own time and decisions about the future. She now works alongside Jeff full time.

The companies they own span many industries including e-commerce, hospitality, medicine, technology, real estate, and manufacturing.

Jack McNamara

Sales Manager, Specializing In LED Technology

Jack has over 30 years of experience in sales and management. He’s owned and operated businesses from trade and barter to automotive and lighting. Jack’s hands-on approach with clients results in an outstanding customer service experience. Jack’s outgoing personality and collaborative nature are unparalleled.

Recently, Jack oversaw an indoor and outdoor lighting conversion at a local automotive dealership. He upgraded the dealership to LED technology with efficiency and motion sensors. This saved the dealership close to 60% in lighting expenses through the Public Utility District and successfully negotiated a PUD credit toward the cost of the lights. The dealership owners were not only thrilled with the savings but were amazed by the overall radiance of the new lighting which helped them better showcase their cars and improve the overall aesthetics of the dealership.

One of Jack’s career highlights in the lighting industry was closing the biggest sale in the West Coast Territory for a $30,000 Swarovski Crystal Chandelier. The client was delighted with the selection and the installation of this awe-inspiring fixture.

Jack grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but made a move to the beautiful Pacific Northwest over 20 years ago. He enjoys playing outdoor sports and all motorsports, He also loves the water, and most of all spending time with his family.

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